Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I fully endorse this book. Great read, and note the editor.

Matt Margolis' new book "Trumping Obama" is a must-have for the 2020 election. It explains why Barack Obama's presidency was horrible and how Donald Trump fixed it.

A summary of OBAMA Scandals.
en scandals from the "scandal free" Obama administration:
On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden channeled his inner Barack Obama by falsely claiming that their administration was scandal-free."Know what I was most proud of? For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or a lie." You can actually watch him make this absurd claim with ...

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A few quick reaction thoughts on the Mueller testimony.

BLUF - Mueller was thoroughly unimpressive until the end; in response to direct questions fro the committee chair he delivered a scathing indictment - But  of the DNC and the HRC Campaign.
The universal opinion from the talking heads is that the Democrats gained  nothing and further lost credibility.

From my watching an ABC summary in response to final  questions from the committee chair:

  1) Are the Russians trying to interfere in our elections?
  2) Is it unethical to collude with the Russians? TRUE
  3) Is it a crime to collude with the Russians?  TRUE

The ABC News pundits glossed over the real implications of the final 2 answers - the DNC and the HRC campaign engaged in an unethical and criminal conduct. We all know what they did, and now Mueller has labeled it as a criminal act.

Major media is again complicit in the cover up. We need to speak out against the criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party.  JUST SAY NO.

Monday, July 22, 2019

I'm free, I'm free; thank God Almighty, I'm free at last (of the arm sling.)
I'm just back from my orthopedic surgeon's 5 week follow-up appointment and I'm healing faster than most, with less pain than most.
BLUF - I'd unreservedly recommend Dr. Ryan Miyamoto for shoulder surgery. He said I'm  a tough old bird, but much of the credit goes to his surgical skill.
I'm allowed to put some weight on the left arm,  not too much; and begin using the walker again. Now rehab of the left arm and right leg can begin in earnest. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Back in the saddle again, briefly. Rehab is going well, but there is a long way to go. Some thoughts on the passing scene:
 BLUF- Bottom LineS Up Front: (I have several)
  1) TRUMP was entirely right to pay honor to America's military, both men and equipment.
  2) Code Pink and their compatriots (including the media) deserve derision and contempt.
  3) Trying to blame Trump for costs of security, while holding Code Pink, Antifa, the Democratic/Socialist/Communist establishment blameless is a transparent attempt to shift  blame.
 4) The "huge" cost of the military displays for TRUMP's Independence Day tribute is in the rounding error of the Defense budget (i.e. not significant.)
  5) TRUMP's speech was not connected to any campaign , most of the opposition activities were.
 Concerning 1) and 2):
 The birth of our country was made possible via sustained force of arms, over 7+ years. Just ask the Mass. militia at Bunker Hill and around Boston; the solders who captured Fort Ticonderoga; General Francis Marion's South Carolina militia at Sullivan's Island and other battles (read The Swamp Fox of the Revolution - a Landmark book I read as a child.); and the Continental Army battles on Long Island, Trenton; Yorktown, and many others. And I have to mention John Paul Jones sea victories.
 We sent the WW I Expeditionary Force to aid the western democracies and lost thousands at Belleau Wood and other battles. The only land we took was some space to bury our dead.
 After "the war to end all wars" the peaceniks started dismantling our military, it was unnecessary now. So we were woefully unprepared when National Socialism arose in Europe and militant imperialism rose in Japan. But American ingenuity, strong work ethic, and industrial capacity quickly built ew war equipment that supplied us and all our allies.
 After WW II we rebuilt our enemies and our friends economies and allowed a golden age of Pax Americana. And now the Socialist left wants to blame our success for the failure of Europe's latest foray into Socialism. And undo the most productive and vibrant nation in the world. You don't have to reduce my pie to make the other pies bigger. Just make more bigger pies. It is NOT a finite amount of pie available.


When Code Pink says a military display is not appropriate it is the latest attempt to erase history. The US military has been the most powerful and pervasive force for GOOD in the last 200 years. Code Pink and their Democratic/Communist/Socialist allies are trying to unilaterally disarm this country, remove our borders, and remake A CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of the states into a Socialist democracy; which will be as successful as Venezuela or Cuba.


Concerning 3) and 4):
 The costs for security and cleanup would be vastly less if the liberal protesters were as polite, peaceful, and tidy as the conservative people who gathered to celebrate Independence Day. Yet only Conservatives are asked to pay.
 The military costs are vastly inflated. I think making a few soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen work the holiday is a shame; but most are proud to show off their equipment and skills. And $4 million in a budget of $70 billion is tiny. The left is trying to embarrass TRUMP. They failed.

  -- and enjoy the show for the final 6 years of the TRUMP Presidency.

 Because of the state of my recovery I couldn't see the show live. I couldn't find any coverage of the air show on TV, but lots of coverage of a large pink balloon and lots of liberal spokesperson statements that were historically wrong.  BIASED TV REPORTING. I saw 1 about 20 second excerpt from TRUMP's address, urging more young people to serve in our military. His speech was entirely non-political; the liberal counter point (completely counter-factual also) got at least 6 times as much coverage as TRUMP's speech and was completely political.
In summary, again TRUMP was right.

 Sorry that this is so brief but I can't just sit and type for several hours these days. Don't know when I'll get back to the blog again. Comments appreciated.