Thursday, December 19, 2019

Democrats misuse the Impeachment Process

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR - I don't try to respond quickly to the news of the day, but this travesty needs a quick response. And I bury the lede, sorry.

BLUF - In a partisan political publicity stunt the Democrats voted to impeach the President; on fabricated charges that have no basis in fact (Count 1) or were already judged by the Supreme Court as an  appropriate use of the system of "checks and balances" and therefore invalid charge (Count 2).

Their somber words and demeanor are just a sham; but they are trying to paint their partisan coup attempt in "Constitutional" garb when clear-headed Americans see through the facade.

Many Americans haven't been trained to discern factual reporting from opinion disguised as facts. All the major print and broadcast outlets serve as the propaganda arm of the Liberal Democratic/Socialist/Communist Elite (DSCE). The media is trying to whitewash the Democratic crimes and their drive toward National Socialism.

We need to point out loudly and publicly when lies are spread as  the truth, and when good news is suppressed. That is what this post is about. (Sorry that I buried the lede.)

The "historic" nature of the vote is true, but not for the reason touted. When Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the House of Representatives they had actually committed crimes, and some from their own party voted to impeach. In the vote to impeach Donald Trump no real crimes were documented and none from his party voted to impeach; in fact there was bipartisan support NOT to impeach.
The "Historic" nature was the base use by one party to abuse the Impeachment process for partisan political purposes

Don't believe the public hype - this Democratic attempted coup and NOT Trump engaging in legal diplomacy with other states is the real crime and threat to our country.

                          JUST SAY NO TO THIS ABUSE

Now we hear talk that the Democratic House won't forward the impeachment to the Senate for trial. This just proves it was done for publicity and not from the desire to right a serious wrong.
We must take back our country from the DSCE forces who have penetrated our government, entertainment and "news" media, and the Education of our children. Now they are working to cheapen our privilege to vote, by encouraging and aiding in the growing problems of fraudulent and non-citizen voting.

                         Go to the polls and vote - and vote them out of office.

We need to help those working to restore a CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED FEDERAL REPUBLIC, not a PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC (like China, Viet Nam, North Korea, or Venezuela).

                                JUST SAY NO . . . .

. . . . to the siren song of "National Socialism" (this time we'll do it right.)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Amazingly, Mueller is a smart one?

BLUF - Looking at the key Clowns: Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Comey, Mueller, and all the second tier players it becomes obvious Mueller is a smart one. Looking  at the oncoming train he went limp and threw the rest under the bus. But even he isn't very smart. We know he is lying to save his butt.

The remaining players are all in on the "Impeach TRUMP" train; which is completely off the rails with the vast majority of people in the vast majority of states. They beclown themselves. Additionally, the majority of the Democratic/Socialist/Communist Elite (DSCE) in the House of Representatives who will vote to impeach reveal themselves as foolish.

One additional SMART Democrat is Jeff Van Drew who left the DSCE Party over the impeachment issue. Lets welcome him to the mostly sane party.
Actually there is bipartisan opposition to impeachment. At least 2, and maybe some other Democrats, will join all REPUBLICANS to  vote NO to Impeachment. Whenever a single RINO joins Democrats it is called "bipartisan". Lets make the reverse true.

Now all that remains is to be alert to prevent the DSCE from stealing te 2020 election through fraud and non-citizen voting. I worry that this is their backup plan. And if it occurs the media will cover it up. We, and the Republican leadership, must work hard to prevent this.

BLATE - It is easy to tell the Smart from the Stupid. If you still support Impeachment you are part of the STUPID. If you see through the DSCE lies and Media disinformation you are SMART.

As usual, temperate comments are welcome. '

Monday, December 16, 2019

NOW WE KNOW - There is NO TRUTH behind the three year attempt to overthrow  the TRUMP Presidency by the Media and Liberal Democratic/Socialist/Communist Elite (DSCE)

BLUF - The web of lies unravels showing the conspiracy of lies, hidden up now, behind the fake charges attempted for the last 3 years.

Read the column at the link below. Comey can hear the chains approaching so he says he wasn't aware how weak it all was.


                                     Don't let him get away with it.

Schiff just informally takes the Fifth, by not answering questions from Media. That is why the Senate needs to subpoena him to appear before the Senate and force him to testify or really take the Fifth. Either way the American people will see him as a craven liar.

It will be interesting to watch and see if any Media outlets roll over and toss them, plus Clapper, UNDER THE BUS of truthful reporting.

Schiff is the one who should be impeached for Obstruction of Justice and Lying to Congress (and the American people) and removed from the House of Representatives.

                             NOW WE KNOW - JUST SAY NO

Here is the link to the article:

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

TRUMP is the only Adult in the Room.

BLUF - As Democrats again find their latest attempted SMEAR against TRUMP not selling to the American people they act more childish; and Trump becomes the only voice of adult reason.

Victor Davis Hanson discusses the Democrat descent into madness, and Trump's rising above it all as the Adult in our Government. Read his well articulated thoughts at the link below:

BLATE - Throw the children out and elect a new slate of adults to work with TRUMP during his Second Term; not the children who have been working against him for his first term.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

No reason for Impeachment of the President

BLUF - Now that the "grounds" for "impeachment" are public, we see that there are NO grounds for impeachment.

Now that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have published their two counts of "Impeachable" conduct we can all see that there is nothing there. It is revealed  as a pure partisan political ploy in the ongoing attempt to reverse the 2016 election.

It is OK, not a criminal  act, for the head of Federal law enforcement to ask for help in rooting out corruption. Joe Biden wasn't mentioned by name; and is always running for something. And OBTW, he admitted publicly to using his office when VP to protect his son and allow him to trade on the Biden name for money. That IS criminal misconduct - by Biden. After he is eliminated from the 2020 Presidential race he will run for Wilmington DE Dogcatcher in the next attempt to stave off any inquiry into his conduct as Obama's VP.

President Trump has been more open than the prior administrations in providing answers to info requests. There was no Obstruction of Justice; even though the continuous torrent of frivolous requests done in an attempt to tie up the administration and provoke a response that could be used in the 2020 campaign IS AN INJUSTICE. The frivolous requests include those that are fishing expeditions into his personal finances. Democratic administrations can stonewall with impunity, Republicans can't.

                            JUST SAY NO

 We know the partisan, political, sham "inquiry"; followed by the sham, one-sided hearings only show that the Liberal DSCE (Democrat/Socialist/Communist Elite) have been chasing a chimera since November 2016. It will end as a disaster for the Liberal DSCE when the Senate begins their trial on the House generated "sham" criminal counts, and  all the real Criminal acts come out in the open - done by Democrats.

BLATE - The country is running on all cylinders, and would be even hotter without the anchor of Liberal DSCE working to gum up the works.

Lets CLEAN HOUSE IN 2020 and elect a congress that will work with a newly REELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP to continue the path to Make America Great Again - as a CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED REPUBLIC of the Several States.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

BLUF - Who Will Guard the Guardians?

The Obama administration weaponized the guardians of the American way of life in a perversion of our values. They thought they had a generational lock on leadership of our country - and TRUMP's surprise in November 2016 upset their apple cart. They have been running hard on several fronts ever since to cover their crimes:

FIRST - A continuing effort to remove him from office using a parody of the Constitutional remedies, but without any facts behind the effort (despite the continuous drumbeat of "bombshells" touted by the media.)

SECOND - Continuous collusion between the press and the Liberal Democratic/Socialist/Communist Elite (abbreviated from now on as Liberal DSCE) to discount their crimes as "old news" and "No criminal conduct done".

Victor Davis Hanson had a column on the loss of integrity in the Organizations established to protect us from these abuses. Read the whole column at the link below. 

JUST SAY NO - They sat on the news when they were in charge so it is new to us, the American public; and crimes WERE committed, with the impunity of their false belief that they would/could never lose power and be called to account.
ALSO CALL THE PRESS TO ACCOUNT for their abrogation of their duty to us, the American public, to report the complete and unbiased truth - and limit the biased opinions to the Opinion pages.
Victor Davis Hanson had a column on the loss of integrity in the Organizations established to protect us from these abuses. Read the whole column at the link below.

THIRD - Manipulating the election process by allowing and encouraging illegal votes by the dead, and non-citizens, and multiple votes by one person. Not to mention generating boxes of votes for the Progressive candidates "found" when some more votes are needed to move the result to the left. And "misplacing" boxes of votes from Conservative leaning precincts.

We need to be more afraid of Liberal DSCE tampering than foreign government tampering with our elections.

FOURTH - They have a long-term plan. They have developed a strangle hold on our thought making processes - the news, entertainment media; and most importantly the public education systems from K through 12 and on into most colleges. Parents need to work hard in two ways:
  1)  Be a vocal voice opposing the dumbing down and liberal slant that the "Education Professionals" are trying sell.
  2)  Take the time after school to teach your kids the truth and help counteract the falsehoods they learned in school.

BLATE - Some one needs to clean house - TRUMP may just be the right person to lead that effort. Stop believing the lies espoused by the media; in fact stop watching/reading them at all.

                          JUST SAY NO - often and out loud

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Impeachment is already Off the Rails. loviator on the local DC news said if the Senate Impeachment trial opens the door to allow testimony on the Biden and false Russiagate then the Impeachment could go off the rails. 
TOO LATE Anyone paying attention knows, despite the speeches by Speaker Pelosi, that the whole effort is a Democratic partisan publicity stunt; done as the last and hopefully final denouement to the 3 year effort to invalidate the results of the 2016 election.
There was no  attempt at bribery, no "quid-pro-quo", no  obstruction of congress by the Trump  administration, and the President displayed remarkable patience putting up with the Democratic "Clown Car" side show for the last three years.

And, of course, the media has been complicit in hiding the truth, spreading the lies; and most importantly NOT covering the good news of the successes of the last 3 years.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

TRUMP's foreign policy has been effective.

BLUF_- Trump's aggressive foreign policy has been  workng well. He is the first president to stand up to Communist China; to reverse OBAMA's surrender to the Islamic Theocracy of Iran; and set and hold the line with the insular Dictatorship of North Korea.

Some snippets on China:
The canard was that there was no alternative to appeasement, given China’s more dynamic economy and cold-hearted efficiency — so beloved by progressives {{ especially the Democrats during the Obama administration.}}    when it came to Beijing’s construction by fiat of high-speed rail, shiny airports, and solar and wind farms.
The U.S. economy is still humming. The stock market is at record highs. Unemployment stays at near-record peacetime lows. Oil and gas production is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination just a few years ago.
So we are entering dangerous territory not because we are losing our trade war with China, but because we are beginning to win it.

Victor Davis Hanson had more on China, and equally thought provoking views on Iran and North Koeea. He ends with this thought:

The lessons are not that wounded animals defeat their stronger adversaries. Rather, when trapped and slowly bleeding to death in their caves, in extremis they sometimes prefer to leap out in a foolhardy and desperate effort to find some solution for their own self-created dilemmas.

BLATE - We need to not go WOBBLY, to hold firm as a nation by supporting our aaggresseve foreigegn policy and makng a statement to the world by REELECTING DONALD J. TRUMP for a second term - decisively.
Read the whole VDH column at the link below:

Temperate comments are welcome.