Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Black-Washing of American History

BLUF - The Liberal Elite, who hate this country and the principals it is built on, are erasing the true history of world-wide slavery.
Slavery was bad, and our founding fathers could not eliminate the scourge of slavery at the birth of our nation - the made a conscious decision to get a new nation, conceived in INDIVIDUAL Liberty, started first then come back to fix that problem. New slaves were outlawed long before the civil war and the column you should read shows the black-washing of our history. Some snippets:
Slavery has existed since time immemorial on every continent except Antarctica, as Thomas Sowell wrote years ago.
Sub-Saharan Africa had a slave economy long before Europeans came along. But there were two external African slave trade of the early modern era had two basic components: Eastern and Western. . . . Numbers are hard to come by–weirdly, the Arab slave trade hasn’t been as widely studied as the Western trade–but this source estimates that 17 million East Africans were sold into slavery in Islamic countries.
There were less than 500,000 black African slaves in the colonies and later the USA after independence. Slavery wasn't invented here and was already waning at our independence.
And OBTW, black African slave traders sold the slaves to European merchants who brought them to the western hemisphere.
Of . . . {{the 11 million black African slaves sent to the western hemisphere }} . . , only 388,747 arrived in mainland North America, what became the United States–3.6% of the total in the trans-Atlantic trade, and well under 2% of the total slaves exported from Africa.
But only we get called out for allowing slavery. There is nothing heard about Islamic slave trade, which continues to this day. It is not mentionable to call out the flaws in Islamic countries.
But virtually no one seriously opposed slavery in principle . . . . until the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when Christians in England and America, with a powerful assist from Jews, argued for the first time that slavery was wrong per se.
This is the inherent goodness of the Judeo-Christian morality versus the Islamic morality. Buy we can't point this out for fear of getting FaceBook banned. (For telling the truth.) As a final note that is never to be spoken:
Here in the U.S., the Republican Party was founded principally to combat slavery, which the Democratic Party fought bitterly to preserve. By such lies do leftists seek to undermine our country. We shouldn’t let them get away with it. When it comes to slavery, America, along with Great Britain, is on the side of the angels.
This is manifested by the fact that most Africans have come to the U.S. not as slaves, but rather voluntarily as immigrants, seeking freedom and a more prosperous life.
BLATE - The last quoted paragraph is the BOTTOM LINE.  We need to teach our children the real history of world slavery and how the USA really fits into the picture and STOP the perverion of history by the Liberal Elite.
The link to the column is:
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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Another Victor Davis Hanson column - the double standard for Trump

BLUF - Liberal Elite (and Republican "Never Trumpers") are trying to hold Trump to the impossible standard of guilty of THOUGHT CRIMES.

                         JUST SAY NO

Previous Democratic administrations (Obama) could think, and act, without oversight from Congress, or the Media, but not the TRUMP Administration.
So far TRUMP indicated the 3 year witch hunt has been a giant nothing burger and he wishes he had the power to shut it off. But he has taken NO action to stop it or obstruct it, other than tweets mocking the effort. NOT  A CRIME.


The effort to find him guilty of pointing out the absurdity of the continuous stream of empty allegations of wrong-doing directed against him in s SILENT COUP attempt by the Liberal Elite/ Communist/Socialist opposition ("resistance" - their term, not mine).

Read the whole column here:

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A response to my son, and the "Never Trumpers"

BLUF - You need to take a step back from finding fault with President Trump. It looks like you have fallen for the whining of the "Never Trumpers" and Liberal Elite where Trump can do nothing right. And they are wrong again.

The latest complaint from the liberal establishment and the "Never Trunpers" is firing of the Secretary of the Navy and the reinstatement of rank and Military Honors to a CPO that was mistreated by the Navy leadership, both in his immediate Chain of Command and the top level of the Department.

Chief Gallagher was falsely accused by some subordinates of killing a prisoner, which he didn't do. The only charge he did do was pose for an "unofficial" picture with a dead terrorist. If it had been an "official" picture there would have been no crime. He was kept in pre-trial confinement (prison) for months awaiting trial - even though he was no flight risk and had a superior record of heroism under fire in arduous circumstances throughout a 20 year career.  I think this was punitive, and the CIC (Trump) agreed. He is the top  of the command chain, and he made his desires known. the SECNAV tried to promise he would allow this man to retire with his earned honors, but wanted an administrative board to weigh in first, and he promised to overrule the board decision, if required. And he went directly to Trump instead of working through his Chain of Command (SECDEF) and for this he was CORRECTLY fired.

Trump and the SECDEF correctly demanded that the chain of command be kept in the loop, and fired SECNAV when he tried to bypass it, and tried to allow some taint to adhere to the honors Chief Gallagher earned during a career of faithful and arduous service. When Trump overruled any Admin board action, that decision should have been the final word. SECNAV didn't accept that, so he got canned. He and all in the Executive Department serve at the "pleasure of the President", and when the President is displeased you are done. Despite what the Deep State bureaucracy may feel.
You should also read how a liberal Supreme Court, during a Republican Presidency (Bush) changed hundreds of years of law and gave POWs in a foreign war zone the rights of American citizens in America. Read about this bad decision, and its implications,  here:

BLATE - Matt, you and the other "Never Trumpers" need to pipe down and get behind a good President as he does his job and carries out his responsibilities as the head of he Executive Branch and Head of the Armed Forces; and returns this country to what our founding fathers wanted it to be. And if the "Never Trumpers" can't stand with him, at least get out of the way.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Just a short note on Democratic lies.

Several candidates campaign that Billionaires shouldn't be able to buy the Presidency. What they mean is Republican Billionaires can't do it. I just lived through a huge amount of Democratic TV spots paid for by Soros; which combined with voter fraud turned VA blue through 2020. They will sweep any vote fraud investigations under the rug as long as they are in power. And they hope to gerrymander the 2020 reapportionment of state delegates and state senators to cement their control.

                                  WAKE UP VIRGINIA - JUST SAY NO.

Conservatives need to take back our state from the Democratic /  Socialist/Communists  and restore it to the ideal envisioned by Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Mason. Just a short note on Democratic lies.

Again, don't let them get away with it - JUST SAY NO.

'Nuff said. As always, temperate comments are welcome.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

There is an attempted COUP against our elected President.

BLUF - (sorry it is a long one.) There has been a coup working since the day after the November 2016 election, and we need to

                                                                JUST SAY NO

and stop putting up with the games and outright lies of the Media, the Democrats/Socialists, and the Country Club Republicans (those who caucus with the Republicans but are content to be an ineffective opposition to the Socialist slide to a "Liberal Socialist Peoples Democracy.")

I want to restore a Constitutionally Limited Republic of the States - what President TRUMP is trying to restore. If you are a "Republican" than stand beside him; or stand in front of him and run the plow to clear his path; or at least get the hell out of the way.

I'm in favor of preserving and protecting INDIVIDUAL freedoms granted by our innate humanity, and not limited to those "granted" by our Socialist Government leaders.

If you are a "Democrat" than sit down and shut up until there is something real to talk about. Those of you in Congress - obey your oath "TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION" and stop trying to erase the inconvenient parts of it (to your plans for a Socialist state.)

Victor Davis Hanson's latest column demonstrates this coup is still largely unchecked; and aided and abetted by the Major Media (including the "Conservative" TV Networks.)

Some snippets from the VDH column:

"Taylor and Kent (at the SHAM Impeachment hearings) . . . their anguish with Trump's foreign policy toward Ukraine -- namely that it did not go through official channels and was too unsympathetic to Ukraine and too friendly to Russia. If so, one might have thought the anguished bureaucrats would have similarly gone public during the Obama administration.
Also, Trump's policies have been more anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian than those of the Obama administration. Trump armed the Ukrainians; Obama did not. Trump imposed new sanctions against Russia, used force against Russian mercenaries in Syria, beefed up NATO defenses, pulled the U.S. out an asymmetrical missile treaty with Russia, and pumped more oil and gas to lower world prices -- much to the chagrin of oil-exporting Russia.
Trump's critics have also radically changed their spin on "coups." To them, "coup" is no longer a dirty word trafficked in by right-wing conspiracists. Instead, it has been normalized as a possibly legitimate means of aborting the Trump presidency.

When you attribute to your opponent something that you yourself are guilty of that is called TRANSFERENCE."

BLATE - We must speak out loudly, frequently, and forcefully against this coup attempt; and push for the perpetrators to be brought to justice for their crimes (including prison for the ring leaders who betrayed their oaths of office.)

Read the whole column here:…/coup-concerns-suddenly-dont-seem-so-…/
As usual, temperate comments are welcome.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Report on the final farewell to my Mom

Spent the weekend saying the final good bye to my mother, who died 12 November and was laid to rest on 18 November. Huge thanks to my sister Penny who led the preparations for the last good byes.
Special thanks to all who sent warm thoughts and condolences in person or here on Facebook. Very special thanks to Maria Ferro (my classmate 50 years ago at St. Joseph's) who came to the church to express her condolences in person.
I'm sorry the car ride up to Blue Bell stiffened my legs so that I  couldn't move around and spend more time with friends and family. Back home this morning I did walk my normal 100 feet and completed 2 sets of arm and leg exercises, so a night of rest and I'm recovered to my pre-trip level. (Which is still not that great, but improving every day.)
My Mother's remains looked amazingly good for the viewing. She looked at peace and happy to move on to the final destination.
The funeral mass was extremely well done; the Mass was con-celebrated by 4 priests; the Monsignor who gave the homily did a great job characterizing her life and hinted that she could be considered a living saint; my son Matt gave the eulogy which was equally heartfelt, although we weren't allowed to say she was a living saint.
It was a bit brisk at the grave site  but we all got to say a final good bye.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Laws about "small" property crimes need to be enforced, not ignored.

BLUF - When government chooses to give citizens a pass on breaking laws things only get worse.

In DC the City Council decided to decriminalize "fare jumping", where individuals ride public transportation without paying for the ride. The police in DC can't give out tickets for this (now) "minor" offence as there is no court  established to hear the offence and levy the fine. (The DC Council didn't bother to establish one.)  On the subway they just jump the turn-style; and now on buses they just board and sit without paying. Turns out fare jumpers are costing $40 MILLION a year.

In an already strapped for cash system this is just another burden DC places on MD and VA who also pay for the Metro.

Also, some jurisdictions in CA have decided that "petty theft" is only an infraction, for which you get s ticket, not arrested. OBTW, petty theft is less than $750.
So just go to the Burlington Coat Factory, pick out a nice winter coat and walk out. If you get caught you don't get arrested. Or ask to see the nice $600 diamond tennis bracelet and walk away with it. You don't get arrested.

Unless you've been brainwashed with Socialist nonsense by the San Francisco leaders you see how wrong this is. And an enterprising criminal can do it 4 or 5 times a day and watch the money really add up.

We need to enforce the laws on the books with teeth to halt the law breakers and deter these types of crimes. Concern about not giving youthful offenders a criminal record is misplaced. They grow up not seeing any reason to obey the law or follow what used to be social norms of behavior. That is how you ruin lives, businesses, cities, then societies; and create a class of thugs with no respect for the law.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Another Victor Davis Hanson column - this time on the dangers of Socialism.

Disregard the tongue-in-cheek title of this column. VDH is pointing out the error of those who are trying to drive America towards Socialism. Failure, poverty, and economic failure is inevitable. We must . . .
JUST DAY NO and fight harder and more openly against the people and organizations (the Democratic Party) who are trying to subvert our Constitution and recreate the USA as a "Peoples Democratic Socialist State" - i.e. the latest failed state.

Some snippets to whet your appetite:

Massive immigration is changing the demography of the United States. The number of foreign-born U.S. residents and their children has been estimated at almost 60 million, or about 1 in 5 U.S. residents. Some 27 percent of California residents were born outside of America.
Many of these immigrants flee from poor areas of Latin America, Mexico, Africa and Asia that were wrecked by statism and socialism. Often, they arrive in the U.S. unaware of economic and political alternatives to state socialism.

So they just look for a "better" Socialism here, when there is no better type - all variations fail.

Another culprit for the new socialist craze is the strange leftward drift of the very wealthy in Silicon Valley, in corporate America and on Wall Street.
Some of the new progressive rich feel guilty about their unprecedented wealth. So they champion redistribution as the sort of medieval penance that alleviates guilt.

Regrettably, sometimes the naive and disaffected must relearn that their pie-in-the sky socialist medicine is far worse than the perceived malady of inequality.
And unfortunately, when socialists gain power, they don't destroy just themselves. They usually take everyone else down with them as well.

BLATE - We must stand up publicly and devote our precious time and energy to halting and reversing the slide towards a SOCIALIST FAILED State here.

Read the column at: