Saturday, February 8, 2020

A Winning Week

If the late originator of this blog were still alive, this week's political happenings would've tickled him pink. And I have to say, as someone who admittedly wussed out and didn't vote for Trump in 2016, I'm still pretty delighted myself.

First, we had the disaster of the 2020 Iowa Caucus, which revealed either the incompetence or the corruption of the Democratic Party for all to see. These are the people who want carte blanche to govern our country? Since the 1970's, the Iowa Caucuses have been conducted in the traditional manner without incident -- but the Democrats, in their infinite lack of wisdom, decided to pursue change for the sake of change, and they hired some shady credentialed bourgie clowns to pull it off. Which, as Bill Whittle points out in a recent Right Angle, is basically the Democratic approach to anything: trust the S-M-R-T! (Nope. Not on your life.)

By the way, I reserve the right to continue attacking bourgie clowns. I know the type: I are one. After my 2016 mistake, I recognize that now. I let my fear of my high-end-grocery-shopping, college-degree-holding, pricey-car-driving Northern Virginia neighbors intimidate me into voting based on appearances. No more! I've seen the light. Trump might be a flawed avatar for my center-right beliefs (which I will always point out when he does something potentially unwise), but he is accomplishing things that matter and are good despite hurricane-force headwinds. So who cares about the guy's boorish cracks on Twitter? The fat, orange mother-effer has proven he deserves my 2020 vote.

Which brings me to the SOTU, a masterful piece of political theater. It's so entertaining to watch leftists twist themselves into the pretzels trying to counter it. "Lies! All lies!" screams Queen Salty Bitch Pelosi as she rationalizes her infamous little temper tantrum. Uh, okay. Care to show me the numbers, your highness? Care to explain to that black gentleman taking advantage of an opportunity zone that his windfall is fake? Care to explain the lies behind Tuskegee airmen, gold star families, or little black girls waiting for scholarships? I'll wait, popcorn in hand.

The greatest thing about the SOTU was its underlying philosophy: we're looking out for forgotten Americans, but we're not coddling them. I'm sure fiscal conservatives in the audience were wincing a little at all the current and proposed government spending. But if we're going to avoid fighting that green eye-shade war for the time being - if we're going to be profligate - then yes, let us pour money into things that enhance equality of opportunity, not equality of results. I'm an enthusiastic supporter of educational scholarships in particular. (And, uh, rural internet -- since we're moving to the VA countryside soon. Yeah, I'm self-interested. Sue me.)

(Oh, and Mars shots. Yes, plant our flag on Mars. I wouldn't be a proper sci-fi fan if I weren't in favor of that.)

Yep: I'm glad that Trump is Still Our President despite the Democrats' failed attempt to remove him from office. The vote on Wednesday was a fait accompli, but hey: if the left wants to continue wasting time on this BS, maybe that will keep their grubby hands off anything truly important.

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