Thursday, September 19, 2019

TRUMP Derangement Syndrome - Still Obscuring the Truth

BLUF - We need 4 more years of a TRUMP Presidency to completely reverse the long, slow slide towards a Social Democracy; and restore a Constitutionally organized Democratic Republic of the several states.

The latest Victor Davis Hanson column on the Liberal/Socialist/Communist American Elite, and their media toadies, complete derangement as TRUMP reverses the slide towards a European Socialist state.

The media piles on lie after lie aiding the silent coup attempt to bring down the sitting president. And the real good news is never mentioned - growing economy, lowest unemployment, more money in the average citizen's pocket, ending China's mercantilism excesses at our expense, oil and gas production way up, reversing many of Obama's "I have a pen" fiat changes to bypass our constitution - I could go on. They lie by spreading lies, and by omission - NOT telling the whole story.

Previous Republican administrations tried to slow the "long march" toward a Democratic Socialist Peoples America; and was often a failure. TRUMP is trying, and succeeding, at reversing the slide. Give him more time to reverse the course of the country.

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