Thursday, December 5, 2019

TRUMP's foreign policy has been effective.

BLUF_- Trump's aggressive foreign policy has been  workng well. He is the first president to stand up to Communist China; to reverse OBAMA's surrender to the Islamic Theocracy of Iran; and set and hold the line with the insular Dictatorship of North Korea.

Some snippets on China:
The canard was that there was no alternative to appeasement, given China’s more dynamic economy and cold-hearted efficiency — so beloved by progressives {{ especially the Democrats during the Obama administration.}}    when it came to Beijing’s construction by fiat of high-speed rail, shiny airports, and solar and wind farms.
The U.S. economy is still humming. The stock market is at record highs. Unemployment stays at near-record peacetime lows. Oil and gas production is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination just a few years ago.
So we are entering dangerous territory not because we are losing our trade war with China, but because we are beginning to win it.

Victor Davis Hanson had more on China, and equally thought provoking views on Iran and North Koeea. He ends with this thought:

The lessons are not that wounded animals defeat their stronger adversaries. Rather, when trapped and slowly bleeding to death in their caves, in extremis they sometimes prefer to leap out in a foolhardy and desperate effort to find some solution for their own self-created dilemmas.

BLATE - We need to not go WOBBLY, to hold firm as a nation by supporting our aaggresseve foreigegn policy and makng a statement to the world by REELECTING DONALD J. TRUMP for a second term - decisively.
Read the whole VDH column at the link below:

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