Wednesday, May 8, 2019

BLUF -- Not all my thoughts are on controversial topics, and this is one on a topic that just pisses me off.

I knew it would be a tease and scam not a demonstration of anything I could immediately use.
I am recovering slowly (its been 19 months and my right foot probably will never fully come back) and my right side core (thoractic and lumbar core) ache and cause a lean to the left as the muscles tire prematurely. So I was interested in something that was an advertisement on JWR.
I like the daily JWR as a good source of well thought out and well documented Conservative/libertarian columns. Clicking to view an ad sends money to JWR to keep the site solvent.

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The video promised to reveal the one exercise I could do in "one minute"; I knew it was a LIE but let the video drone on. After 35 minutes it revealed you could BUY her video and book to get the answer. "ONE MINUTE" my eye, and anything that leads with a lie is probably a scam. The 35 minutes were spent saying that PT doesn't know the answer and Doctors are in the dark as well. Only her program can make you feel better. WABOS.
I changed the URL below so it won't work. Please don't patronize this scam artist. 

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