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Another (late) Memorial Day post. Read this:
Marines, or maybe because of my military background, or time working with the Marines, or my adolescent reading of military history borrowed from the Ambler public library, I already knew most of the names mentioned by Scott Johnson in his column. I knew of John Basilone, Dan Daly, Dick Bong, Dakota Meyer, and the 5 submariners who were awarded the Medal of Honor.
It is a shame that those names are not household knowledge; but everyone knows Kim Kardashian.



ADDED 6/7/2019:  Instead of a new post, I decided to list the MOH awardees that I learned about, either by reading about them or because a ship or building was named for them.

FIRST: Rodger Young -http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3076/young-rodger-w.php  . If you don't know where his name appears, shame on you, but just ask. He was the first MOH awardee I never heard of.

SECOND: Dick Bong - http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2646/bong-richard-i.php  . I read about him in a Landmark book "Great American Fighter Pilots of WWII."

THIRD:  As a submariner I learned about the 8 MOH Submariner receipients:
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/tm2-henry-breault-1923/ ;
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/capt-john-p-cromwell-1943/  ; Elected to go down with the ship rather than revealing what he knew about breaking Japanese codes under torture if/when captured.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/cdr-howard-w-gilmore-1943/  ; When wounded on the bridge he said to his XO "TAKE HER DOWN" when he couldn't make it below quickly enough. Saved the ship at the cost of his life.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/cdr-richard-h-okane-1944/  , Cdr O'Kane survived a bad torpedo in a circuar run sinking his ship and years as a Japanese POW. He was one of he most successful submariners in WW II. He was trained by Mush Morton before taking command of the Tang. The next patrol of the Wahoo she was lost with all hands.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/cdr-samuel-d-dealey-1944/  ; best known for shooting and sinking 5 Japanese destroyers in one war patrol.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/cdr-lawson-p-ramage-1944/  ;  "Red Ramage led is sub in a furious night surface battle wit an escorted convoy, with outstanding results.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/3864-2/  ; penetrated a Japaneze protected anchorage with 30 ships, then attacked until out of torpedos and had to evade on the surface until water get deeep enough to submerge.
https://www.navalsubleague.org/links/historymuseums/submarine-force-medal-honor-recipients/cdr-george-l-street-iii-1945/  ; another daring night surface attack, in shallow water inside a protected Japanese anchorage, causing maximum damage and escaping to deeper water under fire.

FOURTH: I was the CNA Scientific Analyst to OPNAV N42, who owned the Strategic Sealift Program and the Prepositioning ships. I learned about several MOH awardees in that job. The Army and USMC Prepo ships were generally named for MOH awardees, including:
http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3233/bobo-john-p.php  ;
http://www.militaryhallofhonor.com/honoree-record.php?id=1965  ;
http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3149/lopez-baldomero.php  ;
http://www.marinemedals.com/lummusjack.htm  ;
http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2472/button-william-robert.php  ;
There are more, and I read about the Marines and the ships that were named for them once I was part of the team charged with operating and maintaining them and the equipment they carried. The Army had several Prepo ships also named for Army MOH receipients as well.

FIFTH (and lastly): As a Marine contractor working for the MCSC and MCCDC I had desk in the MCCDC Death Star - the GEN Raymond Davis building. Iooked him up and found another Marine MOH RECEIPIENT:  http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3104/davis-raymond-g.php  ; He led the relief effort to rescue Marines trapped during winter in the Korean war. He later served to the 4-star level as the ACMC.
All these men served beyond the call; all deserve our thanks and respect, and our thanks for the things they, and their shipmates or company mates, did to preserve our way of life. 

BLATE -- These are just examples of what makes our country great.

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