Saturday, May 18, 2019

Another of my (almost) weekly thoughts on the passing American scene:

BLUF - JUST SAY NO -- this time I have several short observations to share.
Please read to the end. I have a different BLATE at the end but it is an IMPORTANT NEW CONSERVATIVE Thought to get to and to understand.

TRUMP is right to JUST SAY NO to complying with any further Democrat/Socialist/Communist harassment via hearings that are only to further media time from their propaganda arm (most mainstream TV and Print media).
A blogger/author whom I admire says when the forces of evil (Democrat/Socialist) say or do something stupid - point it out and laugh at them. TRUMP's twitter use is among the best efforts to point out the excesses and stupidity of his disloyal opposition. I and most people who are not brainwashed by media bias, or our stupid party (Country Club Republicans) caterwualing about appropriate conduct (never seems to notice or comment on Democrat/Communist inappropriate conduct) see through the stupidity. TRUMP fights back, and more power to him.
If the Communist/Democrat controlled House ever comes up with a legitimate request for information they won't need  subpoena, TRUMP will deliver the legitimate info promptly.

The current Immigration Laws, even when enforced, do a disservice to American citizens. (And the businesses they try to operate successfully despite the heavy hand of laws passed by our government (and the even heavier RULES ordered by an unelected Administrative State) that work against a successful business.)  
And Democrats/Socialists skew enforcement toward their short-term political goals, to the detriment of American citizens. American citizenry needs a common, unifying "lingua Americana" (i.e. American English) (Even Obama now says immigrants need to learn English.) And TRUMP is right to significantly reduce "Chain Immigration" in favor of getting more skilled immigrants (who hopefully want to pursue the American dream of success without unbearable Government oversight pressuring the wheels of free enterprise.) TRUMP, and all of us, should JUST SAY NO to chain migration.

A country without borders (and with effective entry and exit controls) is NO COUNTRY AT ALL. TRUMP and I don't want to join as "One World Government" modeled on the EU failed/failing Humanitarian National Socialist model. We both want a LIMITED FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of the Several States; as laid out in our Constitution describing the best way to achieve the goals articulated in our Declaration of Independence. We both JUST SAY NO  to any and all attempts to destroy the existing compact between the Citizens of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

BLATE - I believe in the concept of "Servant Leadership" (thanks USMC) and think our leaders should be chosen by us Citizens to serve our interests, not theirs, to the best of their ability and using their knowledge and information they develop while serving OUR interests.
Sorry the BLATE was so long. But I think it is an important concept to articulate.

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