Sunday, May 5, 2019

I am reluctant to re-raise this series of events, but when a Democratic Presidential front-runner present a FALSE account of events I have to relate the complete, unvarnished story has never been told in major media.
Over two yers ago an extremist fringe ultra-far right wing group went through all the admin paperwork drill to stage a march to demonstrate their opposition to the removal of monuments to historic leaders who are now known to be on the wrong side of rightiousness, and therefore history.
Their march was to serve two purposes: FIRST - to show that the monuments, taken in the context of history provide a valuable lesson on questioning the majority position on an idea; and SECOND - to goad the Liberal left into a violent response.
A right wing thought leader has proposed when we hear about one of these marches we should gather as they march by; and point and laugh at them. They don't represent us, but do have a right to make fools of themselves.
The first goal was lost in the noise, at least partially because media didn't want to tell that part. The second goal worked too well. Violent radical left counter-protesters tried to disrupt the march, which was properly authorized by the administrative state and allowed by the FIRST AMENDMENT, using clubs and fists. An unstable and angry Ultra-right wing fringe member drove through the crowd of violent counter protesters and killed one. For which he was tried and convicted of murder.
But in the following two years there has been NO mention of the pre-planned violent, Ultra-left wing, (wish it was fringe but now see it is not), counter protest to prevent the FIRST AMENDMENT guaranteed ability to petition their local Government to address their grievances over plans to remove monuments to historical figures. WHY? I suspect it doesn't fit the meme that the Right wing was the only violent group.
Bottom Line at the End (BLATE) - We need to JUST SAY NO when media buries an important part of the story and ensure the real, full story is told.
JUST SAY IT early and often - The LEFT WING are the violent fringe today and until they see adverse consequences for their actions they will continue to grow more violent and disruptive to a civil society.

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