Sunday, April 14, 2019

and refuse to go alomg
  - - Spike Souders
If you control the language you can control the dialog. The Liberal (Socialist/Communist) elite has kown this truth and used it for more than 40 years. The time has come to take back our "common" American English from the misuse and changes pushed on us by our Liberal "betters". Several examples I refuse to use any longer:
FIRST - Racism/Racist and the very wrong expansion of Race to way beyond :
"a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits; or : an actually or potentially interbreeding group within a species; also: a taxonomic category (such as a subspecies) representing such a group"
I refuse to subscribe to the growth of the term RACE (and the pejorative epithet "RACIST" and "RACISM" to any cultural sub-group seeking preferential treatment from our Government of their perceived privileged class (like me).
(My privilege was to work steadily for 45.5 years before retiring, and one job was a 7 days a week from 0645 until 2300 on 6 of those days each week. I used to joke I had 23 good days in that job - my boss allowed me 22 days of leave, and the day I left.) (On another I carried a pager and was on call 24/7. I was paged away from dinner with my wife multiple times to handle a problem with a sensitive, high-value system for a National Agency. While on salary, so no bonus for middle of the night calls.)
Hispanic or Puerto Rican or Islamic are different cultures, often with several races that are of that culture. (Remember the "white Hispanic" when the liberal propaganda machine got a muscle cramp trying to demonize a law-abiding citizen assaulted by a thug of color?)
SECOND (and more subtle): JUSTICE. That word is misused as a more palatable substitute for RETRIBUTION.
Frequently those calling for "justice" don't want that - it would result in a long prison term or execution for serious crimes (like aggravated assault or battery or attempted murder.) They want retribution without any examination of the facts and undeserved punishment meted out to the people protecting ME from their mob. I will just use retribution when discussing the mob's desires from now on.
THIRD: SEXISM. An important military leader (who happened to be black) once remarked:
"there is nothing more benign than the color of a persons skin; nor anything more fundamental to human behavior than their sexuality . . ."
The Liberal elite's effort to broaden the definition of Sexuality to cover an ever-widening array of alphabet soup (LGBTQPAN+) is to make most of us confused and on the defensive lest we impugn a privileged sub-group. Foo on that. What you do among yourselves is of no concern to me; but try to demand special status for your sub-group and I JUST SAY NO. There, I knew I'd find a spot to say that.
Further examples are welcome in the comments.

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