Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The 2020 decennial census is taking shape and the "Forces of Evil/Socialism/Communism" are hard at work to remove control of OUR COUNTRY from its citizens to the control of a Socialist Oligarchy hiding behind traditional Liberal tribal/cultural groups. The post by Michelle Malkin linked below is instructive.
I'll say it early today  -  JUST SAY NO.

The census is used for two important things: FIRST - to apportion the house seats equitably among the 50 states; and SECOND - to divide up Federal $$$ equitably among those residents (citizens and Legal Resident Aliens) in the 50 states.
The first depends solely on the number of CITIZENS in each state, so a question on Citizenship is wholly appropriate.
For the second issue, Federal $$$ should be apportioned (IMHO) by the number of CITIZENS and LEGAL REGISTERED NON-CITIZENS (Green Card holders). Again, a citizenship question is wholly appropriate.
If any of the states (California, I'm looking at you) want to spend their state money on services or support for ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS they are free to do so with their money; but don't ask me or the rest of us in the other states to subsidise your largess (that we didn't agree to support.)
In a Federal Republic, individual states are free to shield and support ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS with their individual state generated funds, but NOT to demand the Federal Republic as a whole needs to support their foolish payments. Immigration Without Assimilation is Invasion.
Bottom line again - JUST SAY NO to demands we all pay to support a minority of one (or a few) state(s) largess towards non-citizen requirements. And demand that OUR CENSUS include a question on citizenship. Now to give criminal penalties (with teeth) to those who lie in the census. (Or the next step will be for the census scofflaws to LIE in the census.)

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